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How to use Mojobricks
It's as Easy as 1,2,3....

Gas Grill Tutorial

Very simply - don't over think it!

1. Pick either a small cube or a bar.

2. Light it and set it near heat

When grilling (high heat short period of time) try a small cube.

3. If it stays lit its too close to the flame.

4. If it keeps smoking its perfect

Gas Grill Low heat - Slow Smoking
Set up the grill

Set the wood on fire for 5 minutes, then place it on an unlit rail. If you have a metal lid to a smoke box, it works great. Place the lid across the rails to create a platform were you can leave the barbqube for the entire cook. For  this low and slow cook we set 2 barbqubes on fire and set them end to lit end.  (video) There are four burners,  and only the furthest from the meat is lit. The temperature of the grill dictates how low or how high to turn up or down that one burner.


The first time you cook on low heat with mojobricks in your gas grill, we recommend you try slow cooking a side of salmon, a couple pork chops or a few chicken thighs. Once you master the wood smoking for hours, then your ready for whole chickens, turkeys, racks of ribs, big butts and other hardwood happenings!  Remember smoke is like salt and pepper and it takes a little time to understand how much is needed. As a general rule - use the small cube when cooking for 2 and the longer bar when cooking for 3 or more people. 


There are 3 options for the heat shield. Set it on it and forget it or prelight it and set it on it and forget it. The 3rd option is to set the tip of the bar over the opening of the fire pot. With more than 3 quarters of the bar on the shelf of the grill. Only the tip fires up and begins to burn back away from the flames. With any of these applications the barbqube® burns like the "World's Finest Smoking Wood" should, real slow and clean. 



In any charcoal grill the wood should be placed into the hottest part of the charcoal.

 First prepare and light the charcoal. When the charcoal has brought the grill to the proper temperature,  insert the barbqube into the hottest spot. Add the meat and close the lid for low and slow cooking.   Otherwise, for grilling  slide the cube out of the hot coals and let it smolder just off to the side of the hottest coals.


2 large butts TRY  1 bar and 1 small cube.

little red smoker.jpg

A Bar-B-Qube is a bar that smokes for 2-3 hours. The small  cube smokes for 30-45 minutes 


Bar-B-Qubes can be used in any grill

The Wood - The Grill Application

where to place it

600 minicube.png

Gas/Propane grills are not known for being used for smoking meats. If you're patient and willing you can cook low and slow with Bar-B-Qubes® in your daily cooker. The key to cooking with Bar-B-Qubes® in a gas grill is to pre-light the wood. USE TWO cubes for cooks that last more than 2 hours. Place the hottest ends against each other. (Pre-light the smallest ends). Last tip is to leave the wood near heat but not over it. You will use one burner and off set the meat opposite the heat.

Barbecue Grill Cover
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