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Bar-B-Qubes (Medium) - Variety Pack (5 packs)

Bar-B-Qubes (Medium) - Variety Pack (5 packs)

SKU: H4, C4, CB4, A4, HA4

Get all 5 flavors of the Bar-B-Qubes®  medium sized cube at a discounted price. Includes Cherry,  Competition Blend Oak™,  Hickory, Fred Oak and  Happle .


Hickory 4 pack of medium sized Bar- B-Qubes, Competition Blend 4 pack, Cherry Sample 4 Pack,  Happle 4 pack Apple 4 Pack. All you need in nut woods and our fruit woods. Cook any category like a pro!


Use 1 per cook on big meats! The Bar-B-Qube® will allow you to cook low and slow in any grill (charcoal, gas or electric, pellet grills).  It's created to produce clean consistent smoke flavor with a smooth delivery of flavor without worry! Great for any grill or smoker even pellet grills. Typical burn time is 2 hours.
    $47.99 Regular Price
    $38.39Sale Price
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