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"Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes are the perfect solution for your grill smoking needs. No special equipment or add ons to produce perfectly smoked meats. I just place 1 brick/hour of smoke needed in my regular grill and when the smoking time is done, I’m always thrilled with the meats I serve. It sounds simple and it is!"

-Andrew Topus

Fax Maxines cropped.jpg


1st Place Ribs

2018 Harpoon Championship of BBQ- VT

"We love Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes for the consistent burns we get every time. No guess work with how much smoke flavor we will get”
- Keith Tremel


holly winner.jpg


1st Place Winner

The Shed Steak Showdown - Ocean Springs, MS

Landry Tremel 1st place ribs.jpg


1st Place Ribs 

Windsor, VT - 2018

smoked with Cherry Mojobricks

Kevin Biffar

Executive Chef, Bar Siena

Chicago, IL

bar siena.jpg

"I love using Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes, the product smokes at an excellent rate, not to quickly or slowly just the right rate, it is not overpowering & adds an amazing amount of flavor to all our smoked products at Dineamic Group venues. The staff is amazing to work with & always helps us out with getting product right away, If you are smoking any proteins or even produce this is the right product for you. "

-Ken Biffar

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