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 Smoking wood for use in any grill

Hamburgers in Grill
barbqube in gas grill.jpg

Place a Bar-B-Qube in any grill to add the
perfect amount of smoke flavor

Instructions for use in a Gas Grill
Charcoal and Pellet Grills

Available in 3 Sizes - Small, Medium, Large

small med large bbqube2.png

Bar-B-Qubes are compressed wood cubes that add BBQ flavor to your food. Add it to any grill.
The medium cube smokes for 2-3 hours. The small cube smokes for 30-45 minutes .

Add Bar-B-Qubes to your grill (no tube, foil or smoke box needed) and enjoy the unforgettable award-winning smoke flavor! It's a 100% all natural wood, no chemicals or binders, just pure mother nature natural hardwood.  A wood that needs no soaking - yet they burn for hours. 

3 different sizes- 10 different flavor profiles. Instant smoke - no soak, the moment one is placed in the grill, on the heat or in the charcoal the barbecue process begins.    Think of how hard a rock is and Bar-B-Qubes have  similar density.   Bar-B-Qubes sink in water.   One bar  burns for hours.   Just add it to your grill once and you're done - no refreshing needed.  Bar-Qubes make BBQ easy. Taste the difference!

steak with cube_edited.jpg
mini in charcoal
2 pack gift pack
Image by Luis Santoyo
Image by Richard Iwaki
5 sample packs
minis variety pack 4
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